Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thirteen Things I didn't know

1. That my thoughts and words can truly impact other people's lives.

2. That I am not a "dog person" although I would like a dog sometime. "Dog people" kinda irritate me at the same time that I appreciate how much they can love the little mongrels...

3. I didn't know that people might really care what I thought.

4. I didn't know that growing up would be this hard.

5. I didn't know that marriage would be this.....wonderful, frustrating, suffocating, and amazing.

6. I didn't know that I was an eataholic..of maybe it's a foody? I didn't realize it was like a REAL problem.

7. I didn't know that at 24 I would feel like I was 58.

8. I didn't know that it would be so hard to move away from home.

9. I didn't know that I would have to (need to) make "new" friendships and bonds like the others I already had.

10. I didn't know that buying a house or a car would be soo mentally and emotionally frustrating.

11. I didn't know that I didn't know it all already

12. I didn't know that I might really have what it takes to make it in my profession.

13. I didn't know that I would be married and living in Florida at 24.

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