Thursday, March 06, 2008

Thirteen Things I did on Thursday

1. I woke up half and hour late, rushed around and actually got to work on time (with my pop tarts in hand)!

2. I went to lunch at Moe's with 4 of the architect's in my office. This is always fun but interesting. First, it is weird to be the only girl. Second, the conversation can either be all about work or about something totally off the wall - Off the Wall was the conversation of choice for Thursday. It varied from one guy and I's continuing problem with the manufacturer of Autodesk to piercings and tattoos. Well, by now they all know that I have had a tattoo and my nose pierced at one time - both of which seemed to surprise them. ( I guess my whole wholesome designer image is working!) I found out that one of them had a friend who had his nipples pierced (let's make a note never to say the word 'nipple' at work or with people from work), and one of them has a tattoo that he promised his wife he would have removed. ?????? Maybe this is why they rarely convince me to go on these lunch outings....

3. I completed and finalized a sheet for a project on my own for the first time. From concept, to design, to execution and noting and labeling. My boss gave it to me with all the responsibility for the first time. This was very cool. Although I do know that after the project is bid he will dwell over it with his evil red pen..for now his words were.."This looks great!"

4. Looked at emails of potential houses from my real estate agent. Not too fond of any of the most recent ones. I guess it's because we found that one that we really like!

5. Mailed a birthday card to my cousin who will be EIGHTEEN on Monday.

6. I went to the car dealership and picked up my new car. They were fixing a scratch we had noticed on the door. I named my car Julie after Julie Andrews (My last car was named Millie after the movie, Thoroughly Modern Millie starring Julie Andrews....clearly I am a musical fan..)
My car and I are bonding and this morning we jammed all the way to work listening to my new CD.

7. I went to the chiropractor for my daily therapy and Snap Crackle Pop. I also grimaced as my doctor repeated his typical phrases several times throughout the exam and adjustment. These include but are not limited to "Awesome!" and "It's a beautiful thing!".

8. Played phone tag with my Mom inbetween appointments after work. One time she was doing a haircut. Then I was at the chiropractor, Then she was coloring her hair and under the dryer, Then I was at the get the picture.

9. Drove home in the rainy Florida weather.

10. I went to walmart with my hubby in order to purchase some lovely heavy duty floor mats to match Julie's (my new car) grey interior. (Please do not worry at my humanization of my car). We also picked up some other necessities which I will share with you only to make this extremely detailed and annoying. Paper towels, vitamins, a new CD, and Q-tips.

11. I ate a delicious dinner cooked by my lovely husband. We had Chicken Saltimbocca with Prosciutto, salad and a Garlic and Butter Rice. Yum! I also had a scoop of Rasperry Sorbet for dessert!

12. I watched ROAD TO TARABITHIA with Kyle as he finalized our taxes and sent them in online. Not sure about the movie. It was sad but overall, rather unenjoyable for me.

13. Went to bed with my heating pad and watched the end of Lipstick Jungle. Still not sure if I care for the show....I can tell I don't care when I can start watching in the middle and go to sleep not knowing how it ends. This was not me the night before with Project Runway - I HAD TO MAKE SURE CHRISTIAN WON before I could go to bed.

Whew! What a day!

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