Tuesday, January 29, 2008

4 things about MEME

I received a comment from a fellow blogger
awarding me with this blogger bling and following her example I am playing along.....

4 Things about MEME
I cannot stand things that are tacky
I pretend to hate Beef Jerky
I hate t-shirts
I chew more than 2 packs of gum a week

4 Jobs I Have Had
YMCA camp drama teacher & counselor
Shakey's Frozen Custard
Interior Design Consultant

4 Movies Watched Over and Over
Life is Beautiful
The Holiday
You've Got Mail
Pride and Prejudice (with Colin Firth)

4 Places I Have Lived
Sand Springs, OK
Stillwater, OK
Mannford, OK
Plant City, FL

4 Shows I Watch
How I Met Your Mother
Ace of Cakes
Hannah Montana (I am not ashamed!)
Grey's Anatomy

4 Places I Have Been
Maui, Hawaii
Deadwood, South Dakota
New York City
San Francisco, CA

4 People Who E-mail Me

4 Favorite Things To Eat
French Fries
Lemon Passion Cake at Macaroni Grill

4 Places I Would Rather Be
New York

4 Things I Look Forward To This year
Our 1 year anniversary!
Going on a cruise!
Moving into a house!
Going to New York City!

Well, I guess that about does it!
I love these little blogging games!
Thanks Tracy! (http://thoughtsfrommillermanor.blogspot.com/2008/01/rhonda-tagged-me-for-this-meme-and.html#links to check out her MEME list)

L. Hall