Monday, May 21, 2007

"To love someone means to see her as God intended her." -Feodor Dostoevsky

I think Feodor was right. Sometimes the hardest thing about loving someone is loving them for who they are and not trying to think of ways to change them to what you want.

Hope it was a good weekend for all. I thankfully did not have to work so on Saturday Kyle and I hit the beach. Afterwards we went to dinner and a movie in Ybor with our friends James and Amanda which was super fun. And on sunday although we intended to both go home and chill out for a while after church we ended up scouting out a few open houses. Yes....we are thinking about buying a house. Yikes! Right now we are just so torn up about what we want to do. Sometimes we think we won't be down here too much longer so why buy a home and then other times we think it might be two or three years before we want to venture back to the midwest. So confusing...but we are praying about it and we know God will help us make the right decision. So much fun to look at houses though! One we looked at was about twice our price range and we of course fell head over heels for it...and then the next one was completely perfect in just about everyway. Now we are so excited about thinking about buying a house. I would love to be able to paint and decorate our own home. I have had about all I can handle of my teeny tiny little apartment with white walls and white laminate counters. Buhlah! But I guess I will have to continue being patient-as I am being patient for November to come (SO EXCITED!!!!) My mom will be here next week and I am so excited to get to do more wedding stuff with her.

Lots of love! Have a good week!