Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fishing on the Skyway

Well, let's take a few moments (just sit right there) I'll tell ya how I became the prince of a town called 'Belair'....In west Philedelphia born and raised on a play ground where I spent most of my days...

I promise that I have no idea where that came from, Fresh Prince was just all up in my mind today. This is what I was going to say:

Well, I only have a few minutes but I wanted to tell you about my loooong weekend because my Mom and her husband are visiting this week and I know that when they leave I will want to blog about that and not about the past Memorial Day weekend so I am sneaking it in here real quick-

On Saturday Kyle and I got a wild hair to go deep sea fishing so off we went to the Skyway Pier.
After we got our bait of shrimp and squid (gag, you can totally count on me to NOT touch the bait) we sat down to catch some fish. Well, that didn't happen. But, in the four hours we were there we had two dolphins playing in front of us, a school of about 200 sting rays go by and take all the line out our poles. Then we saw a 5 or 6' stingray go by on its own and that was really cool. I am completely convinced that I also saw a manatee. Then this little sweet family sat down beside us and 5 minutes later they had caught 3 fish using the same bait we had been using all day. We were outta there. It was a good day - then we took our fishy selves to Cheddars for some yummy food. Sunday we lounged and avoided cleaning- and then we went too town and bought 3 new fish and a frog (Hector, Ralphie, Ramone and Emerill (the frog)).

Monday was gruesome for cleaning and I had to do prep for my appointment at the doctor on Tuesday. This was not fun. To keep it simple I will just say that I had to drink a lot of liquid.

Tuesday was my procedure which (yay God!) went fine and the doctor found nothing tumorish or dangerous looking. This is good news but it also means that we dont know what is causing my problems. So, it looks like there is one more test my doctor wants to do and then we will see - I go back in a few weeks. One Blah and Two Yays for Tuesday!

So that was my weekend and back to work on Wednesday! My mom got here around noon yesterday and we had a great evening together with all our wedding talk.
The rest of the week and weekend look pretty fun so I am excited to spend some more time with them while they are here. I have to work b/c all my vaca is tied up in weddings and honeymoons but I am managing to take off a little early so the whole day isn't shot. Today they are off galavanting on Anna Maria Island and having a blast while Kyle and I are working the old daily grind..hee hee

A few shot outs!

Bridesmaids: dress fittings!!!

Sara: Saw a pic of you on your bike from my Mom (and I totally know who Steven is now) p.s. I am still waiting for a nice email explanation....hint hint!

Heath: Congrats on your job!

Pam: I am attempting an anti animal protein way of life (pray for me!)

Reg: Um, so I seriously want a play by play of the wedding you went to

Lots of love! Talk atcha soon-

I'll leave you with my daily quote from THE DESK OF LESLIE WHITTEN

"Where your pleasure is, there is your treasure; where your treasure, there your heart; where your heart, there your happiness."

I guess if this is true maybe our prayer should be that our "pleasure" is what God intends.
Something to think on...