Monday, May 07, 2007

May I never miss a sunset or a rainbow because I am looking down.

Happy Monday all! Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend and was ready when that alarm went off early this morning. I had to DDDDRRRRAAAGGG myself out of bed! Weekends can be too relaxing sometimes - so much so that Monday is hard to get into.

So, I am slowly starting to get over this funk I have been in. And yet inevitably I am coming down with the bit of homesickness that gets me every once in a while. It's not so much that I am itching to be back home but its that comfort factor of home- sometimes it just seems too big down here and home seems kind of cozy. And sometimes I get sooo friendsick. We went to this marriage conference at our church and the speaker has this character study called Flagpage that you answet questiond for and it tells you from those questions what kind of person you are and groups you into these 4 different catagories. It's really neat and although it is really simple it seems very accurate in its descriptions. All of that to say that the speaker made this point about how different two people can be and it was very interesting to me: He said that some people can go through life and make best friend after best friend and they just have that ability to make many strong lasting bonds with people while others tend to make friendships that seem to hold firm throughout a lifetime and these people sometimes have trouble forming friendships of that magnitude again later in life. And something in my heart went 'Aha!' because I have struggled and struggled with this move to find my place with a new group of friends. I have made great friends and these are people I do things with and have a great time with - but in my heart there is absolutely no real bond or connection - and I am just not the kind of person who does things at a skin deep level. I want a friend who I know to the very tip of my toes is someone I could trust and show up on their doorstep with anything. I also realize that time is an issue but, I just have so much trouble sometimes with the fact that my friends are 1500 miles out of reach for a Saturday afternoon at the mall or a heart to heart chat over dinner. I miss you guys and sometimes I imagine having my life I have now without having to give up being within a short drive of all of you. There was a lot of stuff in this character study thing - I'll see if I can scan it or something and put it on my blog so you can see.

Anywhoo - thats my little bit o my heart today-

Love you all and have a great week!


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