Friday, April 06, 2007


Kyle told me that I needed to blog. I agree but i just have other things on my plate at the moment. I am trying desperately to get the wedding website done before I send out my save the dates which are just sitting around waiting on me at the moment! I have been on a crazy work deadline for the past month and have been working overtime and weekends and will be again this weekend. Blah! But, it has to get done and it is due Monday so I can leave on my trip home next week with a clear conscience b/ it will be finished. It's the hours leading up to that and actually finishing that is the issue at the moment. So stress aside things are going well here in Gator country. Yes, I said it -
So, for now that is all I got. Really excited to be going to visit my girls soon and dress shop! Much more on that later-

I hope everyone has a Happy Easter and I will talk atcha soon-