Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I have officially completed my wedding website. I am writing my oscar acceptance speech right now...just kidding. But, i am really happy with it and happy to be finished. I won't tell you the address though-b/c some of you will know soon enough! fun fun fun

So this week is a grand one because I am going home to visit and shop with my 4 beautiful bridesmaids and my lovely mother too. Our mission should we choose to accept it is to find the dresses for the wedding, theirs and mine. So it should be so much fun to spend time with my best friends who I never see.

In other news....
I don't know that I have blogged yet about our fish. Maybe I have- Anyways, as you may or may not know- a friend gave us a 55 gallon fish tank and we had a blast refinishing the base and making it look really cool and then even more fun getting fishy decorations for it and then picking out our fish. Sadly, we had two casualties when our nitrates or something like that got unbalanced. We lost our two guppies, Cat and Mouse. We bid them farewell and said a few words. Now our focus is intensified on keeping our little fishes happy and healthy. In the large tank that our tiny few fish reside in, we have provided a fun tiki hut and a palm tree among some other cool rocks. They seem to be really happy and we are having fun watching them and taking care of them. Funny how something like having a fish tank can really add something to your day. Our little fish family consists of two female bettas - 'B', and Lily. A rainbow shark whose name is Marshall. A black tetra named Pepper and a friendly school of neon tetra's we dubbed: Phoebe, Chandler, Monica, Joey, Rachel, and Ross.

More news:
So a week or so ago I got an friendship request on facebook. I was shocked when I saw the name - it was my best friend from childhook, Amy. We were inseparable until 5th grade when her family moved to South Carolina. About 7 years ago ( i think) they moved to Costa Rica to be missionaries. So she looked for me on facebook and suddenly I am reconnected with this great friend. Guess what else? She got engaged in December! We both thought it was "wild providence" that we would both be engaged within a month of each other after being out of touch all these years. So much fun to reconnect with friends.

What else?

It seems like all I have done for the past month or so is work work work. I am completely ready for a brake from this school we have been working on. It has however been the most involved project I have been a part of. I made quite a few decisions and learned a lot during the deadline. But until we are doing finalized construction prints- it hasnt even gotten stressful until then.

I am getting my application ready for my licensing test in September. I am getting kind of stressed because in the next month or so I am going to need to completely commit to studying for my exam - which means that wedding stuff is going to have to be decided and organized so I can focus. I am struggling with the idea of taking the exam at the moment. On one hand I love what I do and I know that once licensed I can find a job that gives me more freedom and creative control. Also hopefully with a company that is more design oriented as opposed to standard construction. Yes we do some cool things here and there but the majority of our work is car dealerships and schools. Not a lot of room for design in school systems because of budget issues and stuff like that. I think that if I was doing what I was really interested in and I was around other designers I might really find my passion for this stuff. One the other hand I sometimes just think to myself, "interior design? what were you thinking?". So that is my back and forth struggle with the exam. I am going to take it because its the next step in my career but if something different came up tomorrow I could walk away so easy and never look back - know what I mean?

Well, i gotta go- Kyle and I are watching Robin Hood: Men in Tights and my cupcakes I made need icing. Yes, I do cook...on rare occasions.


See most of you VERY SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!