Thursday, April 19, 2007

Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting." -Elizabeth Bibesco

Yesterday I was sitting at my desk when I felt something under my foot. I looked down and my toe was resting on... the heel of my right shoe. It had fallen off of my shoe at some point and it was laying there. My poor shoe. At first I tried to stick it back into the sharp nails that were sticking out of the bottom of the damaged shoe - but to no avail. I considered the chewing gum in my mouth... Then I opted for some sticky tack I use to put presentation boards together. Aha! It was back on! But 5 minutes later it was off again. I was confined to my chair throughout the day for fear of walking around the office and leaving my heel somewhere unbeknownst to me. And that was Wednesday.

So far my heel is attached on my Thursday shoes and seems to be secure. I have finished my lunch of mini bag o popcorn and 7up and am proceeding to blog, so here I go-

I had such fabulous news yesterday (if you are a Gilmore watcher you will notice my use of the word fabulous and notice how trendy I am..hee hee). Let me brief you on the problem before I relay the happy solution-
When Kyle and I were having lunch at the Beachhouse Restaurant (our wedding venue) for the first time - we looked at each other and knew it was where we wanted to get married. I mean it was perfect, stairs down to the beach....sand dance floor, pavilion for the reception. It was magic. Then we started negotiations...the menu was a nightmare but we won the chicken battle and are quite happy. Then came the dreary news...there was another wedding that day that was small and would be all the way on the other side of the big deal..except that they booked first and had claimed the sacred 5:00pm ceremony time. We were given a choice of 3:30 or 6:30. Obviously 3:30 is way to early- not to mention at 5 we would be watching the other people get married. And 6:00 would be getting dark and would be dark by the end leaving us with no picture time. It was such a nightmare. We came up with plans to do the actual ceremony elsewhere but this was upsetting because the whole purpose of having it at the restaurant was so we could be right there for all of it. So we seemed to be stuck. Then upon booking our DJ who is a house musician for the restaurant we were encouraged to "push" the issue. I did and I bartered this situation- 6 o'clock off of the beach under these palm trees or 5:30 on the beach IF the other bride chose to get married on the sand in front of their pavilion. Well, obviously we wanted the beach so we were holding our breath............
and yesterday I got answer! The other bride decided against the beach, which means!!!
We have the perfect time a little over an hour before sunset..sigh....magic. So you see what I mean about good news right? Girls, so far this is really turning out better than I thought a few months ago when I was a ball of stress. Wahoo!

Dress- check
Bridesfriend's dresses (I 86'ed the maids term) - check
Other stuff - check check check check check check check!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

About the title:
I have really been convicted lately about selfishness. I was touched by this quote
because its so truthful, thats how God intends us to give and receive and how that is so vital to living a happy and fulfilled life. If you dwell on the gift you gave then you aren't giving fully and if you don't give at all you are just storing up the gifts God has blessed you with that he always intended on you to share. Lesson learned: Always have an open heart and a giving heart that doesnt expect a thank you and if you receive never underestimate the value of a thank you.

May God Bless you and utterly satisfy your heart with himself!