Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Livin' on Tulsa time...

So, when did life get so complex? By the way - hello, hope everyone is having a fab week. So, one second everything seems so easy and the next...
Just when I think I have it figured out - autumn sets in and the homesickness comes rushing in out of nowhere. I can't even explain it - It's not just friends and family - its the actual place that I miss. Who would have thought you could miss a place like Oklahoma. But, I look at pictures and I think - O' my gosh it is beautiful there! Especially in the fall. And memories get stronger for me this time of year. Just smells and certain things that are so intertwined into who I am. sigh.
And then there is flat and green Florida. Now, I admit that there is many a beautiful place down here but, it's just not the midwest - and this time of year it's hard when everything stays green and it's still 85 degrees in November. 75 degrees is jacket weather - we are such wimps! But, I love it here too.
So complex... Bills, Bills, Bills, credit cards, credit reports, insurance this and that

So, I hope everyone did the American thing today and went out and voted for our nations leaders-

New Subject:

My mom is coming into town this weekend to visit and Kyle is flying up to Denver to see his family and catch the Notre Dame vs. Airforce game on Saturday.
I am so excited to see my mom and get to spend some time with her without everyone else around.
Of course, it would be nice to have some back up when the 'please move home' lectures start!

Alright - thats enough babble