Monday, November 13, 2006

I feel like Leslie

Hello all. I can only hope that everyone reading this had a fabulous weekend, because i did and am sure to gush uncontrollably about it for the next several paragraphs.
As of friday - we left off with me waiting to go pick up my Mom who was coming to see me for the weekend. What some of you knew and I didn't was that she was coming with a posse. A small but great posse! I saw my mom and was giving her a hug when...she suddenly turns around and there is her lifetime best friend Kelly! She brought her on the trip! And then..someone comes and grabs me from behind! Tiffanie!! It was soooo great, I of course cried at the thought of a weekend not only with my mom but two of the funniest girls ever! As soon as I saw them I had anxiety b/c I knew they would be leaving in two days and I couldn't keep them all down here forever. So much fun. We did all the things my mom and i planned to do but with 3 times the enthusiasm, funny jokes and hysterical laughter. And I wasn't allowed to tell Kyle that they were there so we could surprise him when he got back from CO on Sunday! We got him pretty good too! We had Kelly show up at the door (Kyle has never met her) and ask for some sugar and say that she just moved into the neighborhood. Then she asked him out on a date and I was standing there and he said no and got all flustered like I was going to think that there was something going on that wasnt. And then I asked her where she moved from and she said some little town in Oklahoma. A few seconds later we were laughing so hard we had to tell him, and then Tiffanie knocked on the door (he knows her!) . It was fabulous.
On Saturday we shopped until our legs just about fell off. And Sunday we hit the beach-
I wish it could have lasted for days and days! It's the first time since I moved here that I have had girlfriends here that I was completely myself with and I just let loose and it sounds weird but, I just felt like I was Leslie again.

My mom told me that she tried to rally some of my nearest and dearest gal pals but timing and things just didnt work out! I soooo wish I could have seen you guys!! I did have a great time though and I hope one day to get some of you down here! Lots of love and have a happy Monday - if that is at all possible ( I personally got up at 4:30 this morning to take people to the airport -so I am living on caffeine fumes - but, nothing has ever been more worth it!)

God Bless