Friday, November 17, 2006

good talk

Hey women! It's finally FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, I have only to report that last night Kyle and I took a break from our
Lifegroup meeting in exchange for a having a great talk about our relationship.
I had proposed this after reading some article about marriage and the things you should talk about before you get married or engaged. Quite a few of the things concerned me, so i suggested me sit down and hash them out. Turns out we have a lot more in common than we thought and the things we do disagree about aren't deal breakers but things we will just have to learn to work through and compromise on. It was a big relief. I must have been in crazy mode b/c after our talk I felt like this huge weight had been lifted b/c I wasn't worried anymore about those
issues that I considered being deal breakers in the long run or danger zones down the road. This might sound funny buy maybe you understand - we talk all the time even seriously but, sitting down and talking about being married and what we would do and how we hoped to be was really amazing. I looked at him sitting there as we were talking and I fell in love like 10 times over and then I couldn't believe that someday he might ask me to be his wife. WOW! It was really amazing.

have a good weekend gals!