Friday, August 07, 2009

Rip. Torn.

It was just another manic monday...and then I let myself out in public and of course - disaster occurred. I had a bunch of errands to run and I during my first errand - Riiippppppp!!!!

I was trying on these shoes at this little boutique. I have been meaning to come and do this for months because these shoes are supposed to be awesome for back and knee trouble. They are called Zcoil shoes (I will blog about them later if they turn out to be as awesome as they promise)...anywhoodle, I am trying on these shoes in this little boutique with the guy who runs it and we are the only ones there. He is helping me and telling me about all the spectacular things about these wonderful shoes and I am bouncing around on them and having a ball, then I decided to sit down and try on a different style. Let me preface this by saying that I was wearing really comfy 5 year old worn thin blue jeans that had been sewn and pinned in order to keep them alive (They were my fave.). Okay so I sit down to try on the next pair of shoes when I put my foot on my knee to tie the shoe I hear "RIIIIiiiiippppppp!" and to my horror I look down and see about 3 inches of bare thigh - my jeans had ripped. I tried to cover it up even though I am sure that my shoe guy had heard and scene my embarassing situation. I put on the shoes and walk around trying to hide the bare part of my leg - when I try on the next pair I very gingerly put them on and then guessed it..."RIIIIiiiiipppppppp!" and my 3 inch blowout has just turned into a 10 inch blow out. I kid you not my blogger friends - I was baring 10 inches of white thigh...oh my gosh the HORROR. I knew it was time to get out of there! I bought the shoes and waddled out like my thighs were glued together. So? Are you laughing as hard as my Mom was when I called her from my car outside the store. She was wishing pretty hard that she had been there...I never would have lived it down had I had a more intimate audience. Thank goodness shoe guy either didn't see or had the graciousness to ignore it.

So, like I said in the beginning of the post - I had lots of errands to run and clearly could not do them all waddling like a penguin. I headed to the mall where I had an errand to take care of anyway and waddled my bare leg into the Gap for some new blue jean! It was an emergency purchase and afterwards I waddled my way to the nearest restroom and restored my attire to something more acceptable and much less revealing! I wanted to change at the store but was just too embarassed to bring anyone else into the situation (you know what I mean). So although I could totally laugh the whole is even funnier looking back out how I really had to walk carefully and hold my purse in the right position to protect my major blow out!

So, I guess I am on a diet now...I mean seriously...I am blowing out jeans! Good grief! Thanks for sharing the laugh!