Tuesday, August 11, 2009

He was giving me the "snake eye"

Literally! Now I have had my run-ins with snakes in the past (remember this post? - #6) but that was quite a different scenario than the little slithery critter who was sunning himself on my patio when I got up this morning to let the puppies out. YIPES! I jumped a mile back from the sliding glass door and tried to evaluate what I was going to do about this scaley menace...in the end I called my husband at work (who tried to convince me to go outside and kill it with a grill utensil..um NO!...I think it was because he knows I am a wee bit braver than he..hee hee), then I called my Grandmother who I know has killed a snake before and we decided that I should boil water and throw it on it to scare it away. In the end, I watched it like an episode of Animal Discovery, took the boys outside on leashes via the front yard and squealed like a little girl when it slipped through the grass and out of the lawn.

Anyone else have a good snake story??