Wednesday, October 17, 2007

17 days till THE BIG DAY

Well, friends it is getting closer than close! I cannot believe that our family will be here next weekend! I mean...WOW!! I have two and a half weeks left to be Leslie Whitten! I have had 24 years and I never truly appreciated my beloved name.... (sigh)

I never imagined I would marry a firefighter from South Dakota. Or anyone from South Dakota for that matter. I have to say that these days before the wedding are interesting. So many emotions and even some cold little feet, stress of the event...but mainly, this completely in awe kind of excitement! Last night we were deciding on our first dance song for the reception and we were dancing to various selections and trying to imagine the evening when we would be in our wedding clothes in front of all our family being Mrs. and Mr. Hall. Wow.....

Well, that is all I got today. Just shock that it is so close and awe that it is actually here and happening!

Shock and Awe!

The Bride to Be!