Monday, February 19, 2007

Turbo JAM!

Yes, it has begun. Fitness lose weight Leslie is back in the building. I got up today and have made the first attempt at getting back into the routine. I think I am going to need some accountability here. I have to start eating right and say NO to hamburgers and pasta! So now I have decided that I will focus on diet, exercise, reading the bible, planning the wedding and cleaning the apartment. Whenever I am hungry I will do one of those things to keep me from slurping down a cappuccino cooler (which is my demise) or eating as much dinner as Kyle! What is wrong with me! I am out of control with food - but NO MORE!! you heard it here kids!
Fatty McButter Pants is out and Skinny McSoy Pants is in!

In other News...
Please keep the wedding and Kyle and I in your prayers today. We are making some important decisions about officiants and are pretty much waiting for God to say - "This is who I want to marry you".

As to the wedding, I have the following Q's for you bridesmaids:
Would you rather wear red or orange? These are my wedding colors and I am trying to decide in which direction to start looking.
Also, any flower ideas? I was thinking of orchids on the reception tables, and I kind of like cala lillies for me? I don't know anything about flowers - I would love some kind of tropical flower with some reds and oranges..any green thumbs out there know much about flowers?

On with the show:
My brain has been on lock down I think for the last few months. I realized today how much stuff I really need to be doing and yet I go home everyday to this messy apartment and lounge around and eat and watch TV. What I need to be doing is getting up early to exercise and get ready and look professional at work and not crazy from getting ready in 10 minutes and rushing our the door with a cup of cheerios. I need to take extra time for devotion and prayer so I am not a tangled bit of nerves all the time and so on Sundays when I am sitting in church I feel more like I am learning and growing as opposed to sitting there praying for a life change. I should be coming home, cleaning, eating a sensible meal - studying for my NCIDQ exam, flipping through Bridal and Interior mags and keeping in touch with friends. I should be saving money - not constantly blowing it on the next sale I run across at the mall I should avoid. I should be active and living my life and not coasting through on donuts and spaghetti and American idol. I have to keep telling myself that you dont become this organized active together person without the work. So- today my friends is the day I get it together!

Wow- that is a lot of goals for a Monday mid February! But, seriously guys- I am getting married in 9 months! I dont want Kyle marrying some fat slug with no ambition who is so scatterbrained and crazy. He should have some hot wife who takes care of herself and knows when to relax but also knows when she needs to put it in gear and take control of her life!

I would also love to write that book I have been talking about for years-
and what about monthly tid-bits?

Who am I?????????
Okay- thats a bit to far. But it is time to make some changes.

I think that is enough for today-
Happy Monday and all...that...jazz!!!!!!


I know you are going "okay okay, leslie! I get it! you love this show!" hee hee - but i was going to let you know that if you missed the last episode you can watch it online - here is the link.