Wednesday, February 28, 2007


So yesterday I was electronically fingerprinted. Interesting huh? Do you dare read more? Actually, it was for the school work that my firm does. There is a new Law called the Jessica Lundsford Act and all employees or vendors or anything that has to be on a school site at anytime must have clearance and fingerprinting and information on file with the school. Crazy huh? Good though-
I felt a little bit like a criminal - except I didnt stand in a line up or even have ink on my fingers. Not even handcuffed so it was a pretty mild experience. hee hee The technology is pretty cool though with the camera and this screen thing...

In Wedding News...

Welp! Things are finally falling into place. I spent the last week of February kicking my bridal butt into gear. I still have yet to really get on track with exercise so guess what the mission is for March? So as of right now we have the following checked OFF the big long list of to-dos before the big day:

DJ- check
photographer-half a check (havent finalized but am 82 percent sure)
dress- located
cake and flowers- made contact
accomodations for wedding party- check check
accomodations for family- check check (one more check needed)
chairs- getting a quote
invitations- selecting
guest list- partial

So you see - we are really getting things moving up in here! (up in here!) I have decided to brave the wedding world without a coordinator (yikes!) but I might consider hiring a lady I met with about "day of" services only.

ladi dadee we like to partee -(listening to some old school rap)

more later-