Friday, September 29, 2006

Subways are scary places

No, not like underground Subway...I'm talking about Jared Subway-
I'll make it short and sweet and leave the details and emotions to your imagination.

I went to subway for lunch. bad parking aside - I go here all the time and have always had okay service. Today was a different day. Upon entering the eating establishment my eyes first encountered an unpleasant looking woman behind the counter. Not unpleasant due to genetics but due to whatever expression she seemed to have frozen on her angry face.
There she was - growling at customer after customer (i.e. innocent sandwhich loving folk trying their best to get all they can from their hour lunch break)
First she growled at the man who ordered "brown bread" - yes odd, but worth anger? I think not.
Next she turned her claws on a sweet elderly gentleman who clearly just heard of Jared today and decided to stop in for a healthy bite. His first mistake was stopping in - the next was "ordering whatever it is that that Jared guy lost the weight eating" - to a normal person this is funny and maybe a bit annoying at the end of the sandwhich making day but this creature lost it! She was flipping the bread around , banging the cheese containers together..causing a scene and scaring all of her future victims who were standing in line. The guy I was standing next to kept giving me shocked looks which I returned and then we looked at her, looked scared and he said he thought he was having a bad day but she just proved him wrong. He was soon to be devoured by her rage for a simple BMT on Italian. The Jared guy should have been on veggies at this point but by now but was stuck on "can I have the cheese jared ate?" poor fellow- she was through with him and her evil bloodshot eyes turned on me....

How dare I order my sandwhich as a salad? The horror! Nevermind that the suggestion to do so is written in a large advertisement hanging over her horned head.

So she decides she wants nothing to do with me- someone else steps in and she moves on-
this gal(who I have seen before) explains that there are no lids to the salad bowls so...

I leave? I am standing there like"okay, what is your suggestion for this dilemma" is my only option to be those delicious carbs my fellow patrons are enjoying? No - I (the customer) suggest they wrap it with plastic wrap and send me on my way - fine.

Here's the punch line kids:

I'm standing at the veggies and yet another subway employee has taken over my order. She has the empty salad bowl in front of her - she looks at me and says, "what would you like on your salad? I look at the empty bowl, look at her and say , "Tomatoes?"
she puts tomatoes in the bowl - THE EMPTY BOWL!

I am now looking at her in shocked silence - unable to comprehend what is happening and silently writing this blog in my mind.

Then she says, "Oh, Did you want lettuce with this?"


Have a good weekend.