Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Hey Bloggas!

Well, Finally Heather updated her blog! I couldn't bear to write one myself until that silly girl posted! I guess I am just a "Dressing for Motherhood" junkie! I am always waiting on the edge of my seat to hear the next piece of wise motherly advice she will despense! Ahhhh..who am I kidding? I just want to see new pics of that beautiful little boy!

New week. So far sooooo boring. I think I am in a RUT! The grass in less green, the skies are grey...
Blah. I have no idea why! Suddenly my whirlwind of trips ended and I was ready to relax and get back to the glorious norm and then......blah. Nothing is intriguing me, I am tired of everything -
Kyle says I am homesick and I get this way everytime I get back from visiting home.
He's probably right. Not being there is easy except when you were just there so everything you
miss by being so far away is very fresh in your mind.

No I am not moving home. I am just in a little homesick rut for the week I guess. I am in one of those moods when everything seems mundane, credit card and medical bill debts are consumming me, my apartment is too small and too expensive, I need to lose some unneeded poundage, I am old with a bad back......buuuuulllllaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

we all go through these little bouts of blah - here's hoping this dreary blog is the only one you suffer through-

peace out fly(s)!