Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Dream

So, last night I had this dream...

All of my best friends and I were getting ready to go to this event. Apparently Pam's parents had invited us to have a lunch and watch some sort of racing event. We all decided to go and got extremely dressed up, I invited both sets of parents and their spouses as well. Well, when we (the girls) and I get there it is more than a normal lunch - it is like this huge catered gourmet event with silver platters and those big serving dishes. Well, there is every kind of food there and we all start eating and watching this race which turns out to be some sort of river race with these gigantic floats shaped like animals and other objects..I remember a large swan.
So I spend all of this time trying to tell my parents not to eat before they come b/c there is plenty of food and they need to hurry before they miss the race.
So we eat this food and there is all of this fruit with these weird sauces..well, it turns out that this amazing food is really weird and everything seems to taste like one thing and although its not exactly gross its just not good.
Then suddenly Cindy(pams mom) who is in some sort of costume comes yelling at us that we need to hurry or we will miss the next race. So apparently we have to take a helicopter to the next race. We all pile in, by then my Mom and Brad are there and they get in to.
Well, it turns out that there isnt enough room inside so Mom and Brad volunteer to sit on the outdoor seats of the helicopter..?????
As we are flying we are going along the river watching the floats and suddenly we see brad sitting on the landing legs of the helicopter and he is watching the race as well - but he is so comfortable and at ease we all just accept it. Then suddenly he is his father (Papa - who pased away several months ago) and he is doing the same thing - just hanging out, perched on the edge of the helicopter.

Well, we land into something that looks kind of like the Tulsa Fairgrounds and we all decide we have to go to the bathroom. So all of us girls in all of our dressiness make our way to this door and inside is this giant ballroom with all of these salad buffet tables, on one side are all these people sitting at small tables and talking and on the other side is this huge room with this wet floor and all those yellow warning signs on it. No one cares about the signs so we all head down across the wet floor to the restroom.
Then this guy come running and yelling at us that we are missing the race. We all run outside to see and we see this person run across a finish line ribbon and like 5 people cheer.

we all look at each other like "what the heck just happened?" and then I woke up.

What does it mean?

I don't know - let me know if you have any ideas