Thursday, August 24, 2006

Docta! Docta!

So, I have always claimed this blog as a ground for me to vent my frustrations on: so here we go-hold on tight.
Alright so I have a back issue that has been waiting for months upon months to be resolved- I live in constant pain, i can not lean over to do simple things like put on underwear and tie shoes- I can not clean my bathtub-thus i live in filth. I sleep on my back on a heating pad with my feet elevated every night. I wear a heating pad at work. I roll out of bed for I cannot simply sit up and get out. I have to use to handicap bars in bathrooms in order to stand up. To much information? I know but I want you to have a clear picture so you judge me less for my ranting-

So after the initial doctors meeting- i was placed in physical therapy thrice a week for three weeks, if the problem went away then all was to be well and done with. If it did not (which is of course the case) then I was to return to the doctor and decide on the next course of action. Might I say here that never was there an MRI or X-rays(which do not show discs anyways) to give the professional diagnosis that I received which was an eherniated disk in my lower back.

So, I go to my appointment with the doctor ( 1 month ago) and he says that an MRI is a big waste of money, X-rays are too but if I want them I can have them to rule out other broken areas(whatever that means). And then he says this, "Why don't we try physical therapy for about 3 weeks and then see were we are". I wanted to grab the chart that I know if full of the information he should already know and beat him over his aggressively balding head!! But, restraining that urge I instead, grit my teeth and say, "I have already been in physical therapy for 3 weeks." To which Dr. McDumbo responds, "Oh, well hows that going?"- too which i scream ( inside my head) "WEll, I dont know you idiot, I'm sitting in your office-how do you think its going?". Anyways I decide to get the X-rays and then i get out of there having resolved nothing at all. I decide at the moment to find myself a new Doctor-

X-rays show nothing

I go to my last Physical Therapy session and tell them about my dope of a doctor- drawing a small crowd of course to hear the story- and they sign me up for another month of therapy in which we will take a whole new direction.

This proves to work quite well and I actually begin to improve (dare I say it?)
Spoke to soon!
I have a totally relapse of pain and the pain shifts to different areas of my back- now
I can't sleep or sit or...well we have been through that.

New Doctor-
Such a thorough doctor that she finds even more problems with me than I was planning on!
Scheduled an MRI, made new dr's appt with specialist for ridiculous completely different issue-
get medicine- not pain medicine mind you-

no more physical therapy-
extreme pain-

48 hours later, no medicine, have gone twice to pharmacy to be told that medicine is there waiting on doctors authorization, doctor does not answer phone-

anger, rage, tears......

new plan: stay with new crappy doctor until back and other current problems are resolved.
then return to old crappy doctor becasue even if they dont know me and prescribe me things twice- their office is nicer, they are accessible to me and they authorize the medication that they prescribe.

end of story-

no real resolve-

thanks for hearing my venting-