Tuesday, July 28, 2009

25 going on WHAT??

Hey there kiddos! I know I have been incommunicado the last few months but I have just been settling in to our new home and guess what? We decided to get a new puppy and he is just adorable. I will post a pick soon.

This week is my birthday and I think I finally get what people always told me growing up - when you get to a certain age you just don't care so much about making a big deal about your birthday. I am so there. Normally I would be looking for a great new outfit for the special day and checking and double checking plans so that I would have the perfect day. Right now I am just thinking..Hmmmm..my birthday is this week. How fun, it will be nice to go to a nice dinner and celebrate - except that we go to dinner all the time so it really won't be any different. And I tell my husband not to go overboard on a gift because we really cant afford it right now...with age I guess comes lack of enthusiam over birthdays.

Now, dont think I am an old fuddy duddy or anything - I will have a great birthday, eat some cake and feel special...I just feel different than I used to. What do you think? Are you still a kid at heart about your birthday or has the big day crept up without the calendar countdown you used to do?