Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Well kiddos, I have been silent for a bit and honestly it has been due completely to
work. We are on a major deadline to finish an Elementary School and it is meaning nights and weekends until it gets wrapped up - which is supposedly Thursday but, I have a feeling that that is merely a dream but definetly one I would hope for.
Not much else has been going basically church, work, lifegroup, work...you get the picture.

As far as wedding stuff nothing much to report EXCEPT the super exciting upcoming trip to Oklahoma!!! I am soo pumped to see my Bridesmaids and FINALLY go dress shopping with them and my Mom. I mean, everyone keeps asking and even I can't believe I am planning a wedding without having a dress yet or anything. It has been a completely different experience (planning a wedding) than I thought it would be, it is fun though even though there are stressful moments. I am happy to report that Accomodations are finalized for the family and basically I think it is just fun stuff left! I will be home in 3 weeks!! Miss you girls!! (p.s. bookclub - what are we reading next?)

A few prayer requests:
Kyle is doing some surveying this week for work and he has to do it at night which is really odd but it is the only way to go about this project they are doing. Please just pray that he is safe and that he can get the rest he needs so he can get his work done and have a happy week and make it to Lifegroup on Wednesday!

Praise Report! My brother got back from Canada this past weekend and he is sooo glad to be home after almost 3 months of being gone!

That's all for now! Lots of love and take care!


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

who i am

Remember that country song by Rebbecca something that was big for a while, it was called WHO I AM..it went like this- "I am Rosemarie's granddaughter, the spitting image of my father, and when the day is done my mommas still my biggest fan..." Ring any bells?
Well, I guess I am having an identity realization (which would be the opposite of an identity crisis). I have been thinking about who it is that I am. You know there are all those sayings and things about FINDING YOURSELF and COMING INTO YOUR OWN and to me that always seemed kinda silly - like you should know yourself that's a no brainer - I mean you spend everyday with yourself-how can you be a mystery to you? But I realize now that its more about understanding yourself, like when I say that someone really "knows" me, I mean that they "GET" me, they understand what I stand for and who I am inside. So how hard could it be to understand yourself- why you do things and why you feel a certain way...well the deep core of the matter is that God made you and he made all those quirky things about you. But I think he also made us a little bit of enigma and over time he reveals us to ourselves. And sometimes we don't listen when he is really trying to say something and other times we are listening so hard but we just don't yet "get" what it is he is trying to tell us. Lately he has revealed a few things to me that I should have known 3, 4 or even 8 years ago but here I am "getting" it. What I have found out about myself is that I first of all - have a real love for the Lord and it is written in every piece of me. I'm not saying that I always live the way I should or always do what will honor him first and for most. But, I sure know when I not am doing it and when I have turned my back. Now you might wonder how this is such a revelation to me who has grown up in the church and been in a church seat on Sunday for most of my life? It's because I didn't get here b/c I went to church or because my dad read the Bible to me. I got here because that was his intention for my life. WOW! I mean it is really an amazing thing to realize that this wasn't your choice for your life - this was his. He gave me that ability to love him, and then he waited, he worked in me, he challenged me, and then one day I opened my eyes and I realized that no matter what I did with my life, or where I go - that will not change. pretty deep stuff, I know.

Second of all I have realized that I am not afraid of the future because I have faith in what I have accomplished so far and I for one feel like I have something to offer career wise and I hope that that realization will give me a little bit more determination and ambition when it comes to what I do on a daily basis.

The other realization is that hair color does not define you unless you let it. Some may say- well, genius I never thought that hair color defined me - but I am here to tell you that even if it doesn't define you there is a big change in going from blond to brunette. Trust me. I KNOW. I am the same person, but when I look in the mirror- I go-"WHAT! Who is that? What are you doing? You are so a blond-you aren't fooling anybody - but by the way- you look sooooo hot!" well, maybe I say that last part just for fun.

And the fourth realization is personal - but I will say that God is continuously working on my heart and pushing me to place him first and he will take care of the rest.
So friends, This is what I know-

I am 23 years old.
I am blonde (despite the color of my hair at the moment)
I am only outgoing when I am completely comfortable with everyone around me
I am shy, cautious and apprehensive
I am intolerant of disrespect, immaturity, and carelessness
I love shoes but they always hurt my feet - thus I live in flip-flops year round
I live in Florida but I wont always live here
I love praise and worship music and I jam to Toby Mac on the way to work
I still use the term 'jam'
I don't pray as often as I should
I don't spend time reading the Bible like I should
Though I may struggle, God is my number one
I eat too much and think every meal should end with a little something sweet
I think that a hot bath is the cure for many a bad day
I love New York b/c I when I am there I feel inspired and i love concrete (lol)
I can listen to the same Norah Jones CD for an entire day
I don't like to bowl
I don't like guns
I don't eat spaghetti in restaurants
I love movies
I love to read even more
I am not a Republican
I love rainy days
I hate muggy hot days
I love
I feel loved
I feel like I am a part of something
I like limes in my water, hold the lemon
I feel cool driving my ford taurus
I want to be a writer but I am scared to say what I want to say
I like to shop and my credit card likes to buy (this is a weakness but it is who I am)
I am in a book club
I am an interior designer
I am a dork
I am a dreamer and I cannot change
I get mad
I get sad
I get blue
There is more to me than I know
But I do know these things

Only to make this a little bit more interesting and more of a conversation piece- I will ask-"Who are you?"

Have a great weekend


Friday, March 09, 2007

sniffle sniffle...

Buhlahhhhh! I have been sick this week - But I started feeling better yesterday and life is gooood. I am having a pretty good week despite the headaches and what not. That is because my sweetheart (that dashing wonderful man) finalized our honeymoon plans yesterday and oohhh la la am I ever an excited bride! He really surprised me and basically has me more excited about Hawaii than the wedding itself. We will be gone 10 days..(sigh)....I am so excited! He even rented a convertible for us while we are there!
Also, wedding things continue to fall into place piece by piece. My wedding party officially will have shelter for the wedding weekend but as yet my fam is still crawling along looking for the "perfect place".

So, I am inspired by a friend's dream sharing to let you know that I am dreaming a little on the crazy side too this week. One night I was a groupie for a muscian or biker or something leather wearing like that. I mean I was like Kate Hudson in Almost Famous. Crazy....I was in love with the lead singer and then he moved on to a younger hotter blonde....I think I wore a leather miniskirt...
Another night I wasat Kyle and I's wedding but it was the exact opposite of what we are planning - in fact I was in some 80's type of wedding gown (you know..poofy sleaves, excess lace..) and the whole wedding went on during my dream. It was odd b/c it was me but it wasnt..you know? well, anyways.. I guess I am having all these character dreams..its no flea attack (heath) but its weird for me.

Quote this week:
"May you wake each day with God's blessings and sleep each night in His keeping, and may you always walk in his tender care."

In other news-
Kyle and I have left our old lifegroup and have now went twice to a new one that was started by some other friends. So far it has this great feeling to it - like we are really starting something great. The people are more like us and at the same point we are in our lives - married or getting married soon, really young, and looking for a solid group that wants to make good friendships and grow together in our faith. There seems to be more purpose and control and above all MATURITY and RESPECT which is what we are looking for most after our previous lifegroup experiences with people our age.

I am going next week to look at THE DRESS that I think I want. I haven't seen it outside of the magazine so I am really excited!! I am also getting a haircut on Monday (hallelujah!), to quote heath, maybe I won't look like such a "hag".

Alright enough gab-
one of these days I'm gonna write something more profound and interesting than a weekly update. But, for now this is all you get.

Have a good weekend all!


Sunday, March 04, 2007

Strawberries, Cars, and Men

Well it's festival time again in this little part of the world. The annual Plant City Strawberry Festival. This means that most of Florida drives over to enjoy our town and its itty bitty little strawberry fest. The reason it seems to be such a big deal is because they have a big name entertainer almost every night and two concerts a day. Blah blah blah...we park cars at Kyle's office parking lot and they let us keep the moolah! Boring and dull yes but profitable and when the lot is full I can blog. So that is how my weekend is shaping up. It gave me time to finish my latest book club book (refer to bookclub blog for more info) and I watched a few movies as well.

In other news it provides bonding time for me and the old Kylester- which means we are probably gonna need a good evening of avoiding each other after spending two days in a row glued hip to hip parking cars.

So, as some of you may remember my mom was dealing with some healthy issues that were kinda scary lately and on Friday she was in the hospital for surgery. She did great and she came home yesterday and is recovering well. Please keep her recovery in your prayers that she will be up and around in no time and back to her regular self.

Thats all for today-
I guess I will go enjoy some more of this disgustingly hot day and some strawberry shortcake-
at some point this diet thing has got to get serious-