Friday, March 09, 2007

sniffle sniffle...

Buhlahhhhh! I have been sick this week - But I started feeling better yesterday and life is gooood. I am having a pretty good week despite the headaches and what not. That is because my sweetheart (that dashing wonderful man) finalized our honeymoon plans yesterday and oohhh la la am I ever an excited bride! He really surprised me and basically has me more excited about Hawaii than the wedding itself. We will be gone 10 days..(sigh)....I am so excited! He even rented a convertible for us while we are there!
Also, wedding things continue to fall into place piece by piece. My wedding party officially will have shelter for the wedding weekend but as yet my fam is still crawling along looking for the "perfect place".

So, I am inspired by a friend's dream sharing to let you know that I am dreaming a little on the crazy side too this week. One night I was a groupie for a muscian or biker or something leather wearing like that. I mean I was like Kate Hudson in Almost Famous. Crazy....I was in love with the lead singer and then he moved on to a younger hotter blonde....I think I wore a leather miniskirt...
Another night I wasat Kyle and I's wedding but it was the exact opposite of what we are planning - in fact I was in some 80's type of wedding gown (you know..poofy sleaves, excess lace..) and the whole wedding went on during my dream. It was odd b/c it was me but it know? well, anyways.. I guess I am having all these character dreams..its no flea attack (heath) but its weird for me.

Quote this week:
"May you wake each day with God's blessings and sleep each night in His keeping, and may you always walk in his tender care."

In other news-
Kyle and I have left our old lifegroup and have now went twice to a new one that was started by some other friends. So far it has this great feeling to it - like we are really starting something great. The people are more like us and at the same point we are in our lives - married or getting married soon, really young, and looking for a solid group that wants to make good friendships and grow together in our faith. There seems to be more purpose and control and above all MATURITY and RESPECT which is what we are looking for most after our previous lifegroup experiences with people our age.

I am going next week to look at THE DRESS that I think I want. I haven't seen it outside of the magazine so I am really excited!! I am also getting a haircut on Monday (hallelujah!), to quote heath, maybe I won't look like such a "hag".

Alright enough gab-
one of these days I'm gonna write something more profound and interesting than a weekly update. But, for now this is all you get.

Have a good weekend all!