Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Well, it is Tuesday and I have nothing to say really. I just finished eating lunch and decided that I ought to blog. This weekend was spent cleaning house and doing a bit of christmas shopping in Orlando. The tree and stockings are up - there is a wreath on the door and a red holiday scented candle..Hello Christmas! My Mother is coming to visit for the weekend to celebrate Christmas with Kyle and I as we are headed to South Dakota (Brrrrr!) next week. I am so excited to get to have Christmas with my Mom! I can't wait for her to get here! It should be a relief to her as well as Oklahoma is in the middle of an ice storm and she has no electricity. She might not want to leave our 80 degree flip flop weather. It is a joy to wear flip flops all year long. I am going to have to really prepare myself for the cold cold week with Kyle's family in the hills. It will be nice to see snow!
Well, I finally have all my wedding pictures in an album (last night's project after I finally found an album I liked.
Kyle and I are in the midst of fixing up our room. This weekend we bought a new comforter set. It is an ivory and black damask kind of print. It is so pretty! We are going to make a headboard the ole' HGTV way and I am so excited to have a fun project. Although we wont be tackling it until after the Holidays.
We have been seriously considering getting a rental house in order to escape the apartment living but we are on hold until we know how a possible interesting job Kyle has been contacted about fans out. Who knows! We could be moving! But we are anxious to find a cute little rental that doesnt come with screaming children in the breezeway.
My Christmas shopping is almost done. Just a few more little stocking stuffers to pick up. I have always wanted to do stockings and finally!! I get to! We each went and picked out a stocking and a stocking holder and I can't wait to start filling Kyle's with goodies!
I have a big project wrapping up at work this week. I have been working a lot of overtime lately and I will be relieved when the job is out the door (the first time at least...there are always addendums). It is a church that bought an old mall and has completely converted it into their worship space as well as lots of classrooms and a preschool. It is pretty amazing. We are doing a lot of renovations to the areas and really giving it a facelift and more space and security options. The church in total is 330,000 square feet. Now that is a huge job, even for us!

I guess that is all for this Tuesday-
Have a great week and stay warm in Oklahoma!

L. Hall