Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Time keeps tickin' away, tick tick tickin' away!

Well campers, it's September. The count down to the Big Day just got serious. We have less than sixty days here folks before yours truly is walking down and aisle in a white dress. Cold feet? Not really- anxiousness beyond all reason and a 24 hour mind blur of possible scenarios and forgotten details...you bet! For example...

I fell asleep last night thinking about my licensiong test..yeah right! Truthfully I was thinking about the Rehearsal Party Luau the night before the wedding - I was debating icicle lights and lanterns for decor....seriously.

So, here is what I dreamt: I am walking to my old school thru the streets of sand springs, ok. After crossing the bridge I park my car at the old KFC and begin my trek to campus. I am walking down a street and I drop something. A voice from behind me says, "Leslie, you dropped this". I turn back and there is this blond guy who doesnt look like James Dean but has thay kind of aura about him (smoking a cigarette, dangerous, etc.) actually he looks kinda like Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Anyways, I take the thing I dropped clearly freaked that this guy knows my name and is walking behind me. Next I walk by my old junior high and a bus is turning the corner and it stops and my sister Rose gets out of it and when she walks by me she says hi and keeps walking with her friends. I continue onto school. When I get to the high school I walk in the auditorium entrance and thru the doors to the front - now I am at the front of a church and there are icicle lights on the wall. The preacher is to my right and clearly getting ready to start the service. I am standing 2 feet in front of the lights just staring when I hear my name, "Leslie," I turn around and its the same guy but this time I know him - he is down on one knee and suddenly he is proposing to me. But, he has three rings. Church is starting and everyone is staring, I take him by the hand and walk around the church (which is now the old church I grew up in) and we sit down in this crowded row. All my friends and family are sitting around me with their families. I say yes to my now fiance' as we are seated in the pew and then he tells me to pick which ring I want. There is a gold one with a small round diamond, and identical white gold one and then a hideous one with tons of small mood ring type stones on it. I look down at my hand to try them on and realize that I already have an engagement ring on and it is my real ring. I try to get it off but i can't so I try the others on over it and none of them fit. Now the people in the row are complaining because it is too crammed on the row. Others are still murmuring about the sudden engagement and out of the corner of my eye I see my friend Heather a few pews back looking at me and she mouths to me "What are you doing?". I shake my head and I go back to dealing with the space issue in the row. I realize that the problem is that my new fiance who is now engrossed in sermon has his bible and theological books next to him in between us taking up all this room. I ask him to move them and he says that he was taught to have them there and cant move them. I look at him oddly and then I look down at my hand and I am still wearing my real engagement ring and I have set the others aside. Tears start pouring down my face and all I can think about is Kyle and how I have to find him. I press the rings into the guy's hand - whisper, "I can't" and run out the door. I get in the first car I see and I drive to the airport, I get on a flight and when I get there I step out the door and see Kyle who is on his way to find me. Then my alarm goes off.

Weird. I'm sure I could try to break this apart and try to figure out what everything could possibly mean like Heather and I used to do....but its too odd, I think I will chalk it up to sleeping too good and having too much stuff on my mind.

Have a great Tuesday - I'll let you know if anything crazy happens tonight!
More later-