Friday, September 14, 2007

Blogging just isn't the same w/o Miz Jeans

Well, as you can see I havent been blogging too much lately and I today I figured out what is keeping me. My dear friend Heather has been unable to blog due to computer problems and I realized that when I read hers all the time it makes me want to blog..but lately I have lacked any motivation. That and I have been completely preoccupied by Kyle and I'd latest obsession: House hunting. Yes, I should be studying, yes there is a wedding in 6 weeks (Ahhhhhh!)....and yet a new thing to think about is oddly consuming.
It all happened when we stumbled across an open house on a Sunday afternoon. We fell head over heels in love with it- decided to get preapproved (simultaneously planning our future furnishings and paint colors in our heads..okay, that was just me - kyle is all finance; no fluff). Well, we started that process and then we thought that we should look at everything else in our price range in the area before we just up and buy a house. So we started looking all over the place. I have been making appts. and we even looked at renting a townhouse...
It has been crazy..and like I said..very consuming. It is nice to have a distraction thought - it seems like for the last 6 months all I have thought about is my licension test and wedding fluffiness.
Hmmmm....four minutes left of my lunch break and then it is back to the old drawing board..literally!
I guess I will close with my desk calendar quote of the day!

"Each day is a little life. Live it to the fullest."

Take care all and have a fabulous weekend!!