Friday, April 14, 2006

My dear devoted readers, (a girl can dream right?)

Today is Friday (Good Friday actually) and I am ready for the fabulous
weekend ahead of me. Not sure what it is that I am going to do-but I am sure it will be fabulous. Whether I hit the beach or the couch-I am so there! Last weekend was non stop fun and now life is back to normal. work five days a week (and a few weekends) and a schedule to keep. I have to admit that I do like it. I am in love, in a promising career, in a new place full of adventures, on the verge of many more adventures to come and I am just happy. happy. who da thunk it?
So, if you know anything about me you probably know that when I am the most happy I have the strangest of dreams at night and I actually remember them. So my nights have been like unending Sienfeld episodes as of late. Which is good...and provides an interesting topic for the watercooler the next day. No..seriously we do not gather and talk around the water cooler. Not us, we gather around computers and brick samples and discuss foundation and tilt wall systems. o' joy.
So, since i am rambling on and on here I might as well mention the latest
shock of my life: the past never goes away. I always thought that things fade out and you move on and it's true that you move on and of course to much better and fabulous things but you never get that glorious wished for fade out. Cest' la vie.

pointless blog...but what the hey-