Tuesday, July 18, 2006

One crazy week

Well, this might just be the most hectic week ever!

Maybe thats being a little dramatic- but who are we kidding? I think we all know that I can
be a lil' bit of a shh......overactor?

Anyway, I am finally getting my hair done today. This should have happened about 2 months ago-but alas life interfered and here I am with my dark ugly roots and my split ends.

But, that will soon be taken care of. Yeah, so this week is completely nuts but also kinda fun because I am busy and I love to be busy with places to go and things to do....
So tonight i get my hair done and then meet the gang at Barnacles for some Karaoke, tommorow is a Designer lecture in Tampa- and dinner with Kyle's family friends at Hard Rock
Thursday lifegroup and now apparently we are going camping at Fort Wilderness for the weekend with some friends. Ummm....isn't it a million degrees outside?

Well, it looks like I might have some blog worthy stories to share next week. Have a good week and if I dont collapse from heat exhaustion-I'll talk atcha lata'