Thursday, December 22, 2005

Merry Christmas to all my jolly friends out there!!!!

I will soon be Oklahoma bound once again and cannot wait to see your bright shiny faces (not too shiny...I mean oil control is important). And to all of those non Oklahomans out there-please use a face cleanser with a toner and Happy Holidays of course.

In this merry season of the year I am sorry to say that too often have I found myself in the characters of the Christmas villains, you know: Scrooge, The Grinch…(actually that’s just all I know) and I am sure that these feelings are due not to the joy of those around me or for all the red and green but b/c I am so used to feeling a certain way around this time of year. For one I am used to being at least mildly chilly and eager to warm up by a fire – instead I find myself cranking up the AC and buying open toed shoes. Now to some this sounds next to fabulous but I have always been one of winter’s biggest fans, Snow and I have always been very comfy with each other. But except for the desktop background on my computer monitor, I never even experienced fall this year. I am in a seasonal crisis. Also I am not surrounded by family and friends as I would love to be. I think I will name my first born child, Winter. What do you think? Don’t like it? Well, don’t worry I don’t plan on reproducing just yet and never make up my mind anyways…I’ll probably be signing my child’s birth certificate and suddenly change from Rachel to Vebo. Come to think of it Vebo is a way cool name. Like a model’s name. Or the name of the next board game by the Cranium Company.

On Christmas cards-
I would like to now make the request that each of you regard this newsletter as your Christmas card. Although I had many plans for sending cards in the end I just did not put the time aside. So please do not feel slighted for I love you all dearly and hope you all the happiest of Holiday seasons. So, to smooth the ice of the unsent card dilemma I have stolen (in the spirit of Christmas of course) this greeting card phrase to send to you all to give you that magical Christmas warm fuzzy feeling:

Front of card:

Wishing you all the timeless treasures of Christmas…

Inside of card:

The warmth of home, the love of family, and the company of good friends
Merry Christmas

Back of card:


I hope you all enjoyed that sentimental moment in the newsletter and I hope your hearts were open to a message without all the fluff of a real card or an e-card…after all I just saved you form putting one more card on your mantel and then the sorrow of throwing it away January 2nd or worse...storing it in a box. If only the rest of the world would follow my lead think of all the trees we might save…and for that matter if we could all just get synthetic trees we could save even more. (Did anyone else watch the SAVE THE EARTH comedy special?).

So, this year has been one of many changes and lots of new adventures, and my hope for the new year is a year of stability and not moving or making too many life changing decisions-although I might be open to a few…you know to keep things exciting.

And now in light of change and new experience I must share with you a list of things I have changed my mind about so next time we speak you know which extremely strong thoughts I have altered b/c I am extremely hard headed and have been forced to admit when I was wrong or too judgmental. Please bear with me ( I will also at the end add a few things I have not changed my mind about)
1. Leaving a movie and not watching the titles is acceptable in most cases unless the movie a. brings you to tears, b. has you rolling in the aisle, or c. you applaud at the end with all the other dorks in the theater as if the actors can hear you.
2. Black and brown may be worn together in the following circumstance: a black shirt with a brown leather jacket and brown shoes. All other black and brown combinations must still be shunned.
3. wide leg stretch pans for work or play are not bad and are acceptable in the fashion world.
4. hoods on jackets, pullovers, shrugs and sweaters will be accepted as stylish as long as the hood is never placed upon the head.
5. there is a difference between a nice t-shirt and a non nice t-shirt.
6. white chocolate does contain cocoa and is lethal when eaten(by moi).
7. THE FACEBOOK is not stupid and is a lovely way to stay in touch with friends and to locate old friends, but it is however extremely addictive.
8. kissing is good
9. window shopping can be a nice way to shop so as not to over spend every time you go to the mall
10. Some Cowboy boots are fashionable with jeans and are also original and fun to wear.
11. credit cards are not the same as cash
12. the wearing of camouflage is not acceptable and never will be. Green, brown or blue…and don’t even think about it in pink!
13. skirts with boots and tights are not attractive no matter what Abercrombie is trying to tell you.

So, to all those who have ever heard a negative word on the following….well, there you have it.

Back to Christmas…

I am beginning my mental preparations for the holiday season with my family. Although it is supposed to be the season of joy and giving. I have many a time been challenged with just trying to smile through the annoyance of the family holiday tradition. As you probably know my parents are divorced and both remarried so Christmas can be a challenging thing to accomplish when it comes to the amount of presents to buy and the time to see everyone. There are 6 christmas’s, dad, dad’s family, dad’s wife’s family, mom, mom’s family, and mom’s husbands family. And then if I spend a Christmas party or something with friends that adds another (and it’s usually the best!). This year I also have Christmas with Kyle before we both head to our home states and one with his family when I get to South Dakota for New Years. So as you can see it’s a busy time of year...after rereading that I’m wondering why I am not just staying in Florida. But, still with all the chaos it is my favorite time of year b/c I am literally surrounded my family and friends the whole time. And this time I haven’t seen many of them for quite a while. So I am excited and I said mentally preparing myself for the insanity. So, I wish you all peace and happiness within while crazy family members in hideous Christmas sweaters surround you and tell you how much you’ve grown or how great you look or those really great people who ask if you’ve gained weight or ask if you got a haircut and then don’t exactly say whether it is a good or bad one…you know who these people are…

In other News…

I am wrapping up my seventh month with the architecture firm I’m working with and I am still pretty happy here and learning new things everyday. I think the best thing about the experience is that I am realizing exactly what it is that I want to do. The people I work with have all known each other for 15-30 years so let’s just say...they’re close.., and almost like family in some ways. But, I do like it a lot and am still really excited to have this great opportunity. I’ve gotten to do so many things so far, sometimes I can’t even believe it. And soon some of the things I’ve designed will be finished and I’ll actually get to see my work in the buildings we’ve done!

Kyle is doing well too and learning a lot at his job. We’ve worked on a couple projects together so far and it’s always fun to go home and be able to talk about this building or that….he loves Florida and is always ready to head to the beach and even more fun…he is almost always ready to head to the mall with me!

Our terrible neighbor (who lives next door to me and right above Kyle’s apartment) is moving out and Kyle and I both think that it is the best Christmas present we could have asked for! There is not room here to tell you about this guy and the drama he has caused us...but let’s just say that he is 30 years old but lives like an 18 year old and gave his house key out to about 10 of his friends…we wish him well and hope he will be gone completely when we get home after the holidays.

Well, I guess it’s about time to wrap this thing up with a great big holiday question and then a merry little thought…

Why is it that we have been programmed to give gifts in a robot sort of way? Yes, I’ll explain. It seems to me that when December rolls around every year we begin making our lists (and checking them twice) of who to buy for and what to get them. We are set on the goal of MUST GET GIFTS, it’s so programmed. Thought barely matters, true meaning is thrown at the window. We are on a mission. GO TO MALL, BUY SHIRT FOR CHARLIE, CHARLIE LIKES BLUE, WEARS XXXL…
Instead of thinking of poor Charlie in October when we say the perfect gift for him, knew he would love it and then walked on by. No, we would much rather wait to get him something in a rush just so he will have something to unwrap. Do you see where I’m going with this?
To me gift giving has always been so enjoyable, I want to go and look and find things that seem perfect for people(this also means overspending) because I have no real plan – I know I am buying for Christmas and I have a general idea of who I need to buy for but I am just out there hoping something catches my eye(this also equals much more mall time). I just can’t give a gift that doesn’t have some thought into it, something that made me think “Gosh, I can’t wait to see his face when he opens this) that’s what I love-
And I’m not trying to run down the people that work the other know MUST GO SHOP FOR GIFT robot kind of shopping-it just kind of bugs me as a sentimental holiday schmuck (spelling?). I think it’s such a special time why not make it special and not just fill up boxes of gifts b/c you have to.
I don’t know how well I got my point across here but I’ll tell you what prompted the tirade:
The lady I work with was telling me about her families Christmas. What she does is
Spend $75 dollars on every member of the family young and old. Which is extremely generous I think b/c my grandparents always get me a check for 10 bucks, a card, or a sweater I have to hide somewhere deep in my closet. But, (and I know she has lots to buy for) she has them all make lists and then she buys them exactly what was on the list. How exciting…. Am I right people? Isn’t this just kind of blahhhhhh!!! I mean what about that nervousness of will they like it, or that fun in finding the perfect gift, or spending a bit more just because you felt like it, what about all of that---(not to mention what about the real meaning of Christmas and giving)
And then there’s my dad who doesn’t want to mess with the tree or the outside lights and would rather give everyone money or wait and shop after the 1st of the year. Merry freakin’ Christmas. (love you dad! Thanks for the cash!)
So, I hope you got my point. I’ll sum it up: When did we lose the fun in gift giving and become the robots of Christmas Present?

The merry little thought:
On a note much different than the one above-
Call me childish but nothing is more special to me even as an adult as putting up the Christmas tree and decorating, baking Christmas cookies and wrapping gifts. I love every minute of it, and I cherish it – whether it’s time with family, watching an old Christmas movie(with the wonderful beauty of Christmas ending) or whatever holiday moment it is….I just can’t wait for it all to begin and to enjoy it, take pictures of it, remember it and wrap it up until next year. I think that this time of year is proof that there still is good out there and there are people who love family and are happy and giving and loving…. And sometimes I think we need reminded of that especially after we watch the morning news and listen to all the murders, car wrecks and fires that happened all over the world while we were sleeping.

I hope you all have the most special Christmas season and celebrate it whatever way makes you the happiest and most warm and fuzzy inside.

Lots of love and hugs!


Shout outs!!!!!!!!

Oklahoma gals: see you at Sara’s!!!!!

Reg: Love you girl!

Santa: A fifty four convertible too, light blue.

Kyle: Merry Christmas and I can’t wait till New Years in South Dakota! Love you!

Texans: Miss you all! Have a GREAT BIG TEXAS SIZE Christmas!

Fab 4: love you all!!! Happy Merry Christmas! Mandolin Mania reunion 06’!!!!

peace………(I so stole that from Barb)